Vision & Mission

Having endured one of the most volatile periods in our industry’s history, Carnival Corporation & plc has emerged as a more efficient, sustainable and energized company, focusing on optimizing ourselves for near and long-term success. Delivering on our purpose and mission and achieving our vision requires us to consistently deliver focused performance in essential areas that strengthen our business and move us toward a brighter future.


As the global leader in the cruise industry, we will lead the way in innovative and sustainable cruising to deliver memorable vacations and build borderless connections.

Mission & Purpose

To deliver unforgettable happiness to our guests by providing extraordinary cruise vacations, while honoring the integrity of every ocean we sail, place we visit and life we touch.

Culture Essentials

To better reflect where our company is today and our path forward, we have evolved and built upon our corporate purpose and mission, vision, and core values, which we call our culture essentials.

Our six Culture Essentials (our core values) are the non-negotiable beliefs and behaviors that define who we are, what we stand for, and how we operate. They connect us to each other and the organization and serve as guiding principles to help us make decisions, build relationships, solve problems and achieve success. Our culture essentials are an integral part of the company's strategy and roadmap, ensuring everyone is working collectively toward a common future.