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AIDA Cruise & Help: Initiative enables schools No. 36 and 37

Within the big FLY & HELP charity gala in Cologne on November 12, 2022, Felix Eichhorn, President AIDA Cruises, handed over a symbolic donation check for two further school projects of AIDA Cruise & Help to founder Reiner Meutsch.

"FLY & HELP and AIDA share a long-standing partnership based on the joint wish to give children around the world access to education. It fills me with great gratitude to now announce schools No. 36 and 37 with our initiative AIDA Cruise & Help and the strong support of our guests, crewmembers, and partners," said Felix Eichhorn.

"It is wonderful to have such a loyal and committed partner as AIDA at the side of my foundation. Now, 37 schools have already been built through donations from AIDA – a great number! This enables many thousands of children in this world to have a better future through education. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart," says Reiner Meutsch.

Firstly, a school with a large classroom and teachers' room for almost 90 pupils will be built in the Indian village of Nagulapuram in the coming months. In addition, the Indian community of Khasa will receive a new school building with eight classrooms and an office for around 190 children.

AIDA Cruise & Help has been bundling all of AIDA Cruises' charitable projects since 2019. The initiative is dedicated to supporting education in emerging and developing countries and thus to sustainably improving future prospects of children in the poorest parts of the world.

Within the traditional Christmas and New Year's Eve raffle, guests of the AIDA fleet once again have the opportunity to win a variety of prizes over the holidays and the turn of the year, and at the same time do something for a good cause.

More information on AIDA Cruise & Help's commitment and donation details are available online at

Rostock, November 14, 2022